(Persia Digest) – As Farhadi’s new film, “Everybody knows”, opens the Cannes Film Festival tomorrow. Javier Bardem has told AFP: “Farhadi is a realist. I can see and smell Spain and believe this country and its people in his movie.”

In an interview with AFP, the Spanish Oscar winner pointed to Asghar Farhadi braving to produce a movie in a language he did not speak, and said: “When this Iranian director told me he wanted to make a film in Spanish, set in Spain, I was very surprised and said you have taken a brave decision. Once I saw his movie “The Past” I was convinced he could do it. This is a more of a Spanish movie than any other one made in Spain.”

By comparing it with the 2008 Spanish-American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Woody Allen “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona”, Bardem added: “This is about the clichés in Spain, about the sort of thing foreign tourists look for and travel to Barcelona for. But Asghar Farhadi is different. He is a true realist. I can feel and smell Spain in his work.”

Javier continued: “We counselled Farhadi about the Spanish language and its twists and turns. But Farhadi was already very well informed on the subject before we began. Ninety-nine percent of the film is his own doing with all its elements. The characters are mostly kind, simple people who get caught up in a very difficult situation. This is where the thrill in the film catches your attention to see what is happening. And then, you are glued to your seat!”

This is Javier Bardem’s second movie after the biopic “Escobar” in which he has co-starred with his wife Penelope Cruz. He explained: “This back-to-back work with Penelope was a coincidence. First, we starred in “Escobar” and then “Everybody knows”. The two entail very different roles, but working together made it much easier on our family life. We must differentiate between imagination and reality. We rehearse and talk to directors about the films; but we no longer discuss work when we go home.”

Bardem concluded: “It is a great honor to open the Cannes Film Festival with the Farhadi movie. At the same time, it is also a great responsibility.

The 71st Cannes Film Festival will run from 8-19 May 2018.

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