(Persia Digest) – The Iranian cinema has been successful in winning two more awards, one for the documentary “Weavers of imagination” from the Arc Film Festival in Germany, and one for “Run Rostam Run” for the animated comedy. 

“Weavers of imagination” has been directed by Seyed Mohammad-Sadegh Jafari. It was competing with eight other documentaries in Germany. To date, it has competed in many festivals and received many awards. It narrates the lives of a group of blind carpet weavers who spend happy times where they are together.

“Run Rostam Run” has been directed by Hossein Molayemi. It received the Best Animated Film Award from the Wular Lake Festival in India. It has also received the Mention Award from the 10th Rofife Short Film Festival in Turkey which ran from 2-24 March 2018.

The animation is eleven minutes long. It has already won a number of awards at home in Iran and is a free, comedy take of the “Rostam o Sohrab” tragedy.  Rostam is Iran’s legendary hero. In the animation, he must travel to the future, to today’s Tehran, and rectify what he has done to his son Sohrab.

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