(Persia Digest) – On Ferdowsi Commemoration Day yesterday, a bust sculpture of Hakim Abol-Ghassem Ferdowsi, the great Persian poet, has been unveiled in Nicosia by the IR of Iran Embassy.

Ferdowsi Commemoration Day was not only celebrated in Iran this year, but also in the capital of Cypress through the efforts of the Iranian Embassy.

IRNA reports that the bust sculpture was installed in the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs gardens on 15 May 2018 to celebrate Ferdowsi and the Persian language. The official unveiling, however, will take place on the future trip of Iranian FM Javad Zarif to Nicosia.

Translations of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh Book of Kings in Turkish were also presented to universities in Cypress by the Iranian Ambassador here.

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