(Persia Digest) - A group photo exhibition dubbed "Click" will be showcased at the Arta Gallery in Toronto with the presence of Iranian photographers until 23 May.

Among the Iranian photographers are Alborz Malekpur, Morteza Niknahad, Sasan Ghahreman, and Elsa Hashemi. It is an exhibition in which the photographers have used the camera in a different way to narrate their story. The exhibition will showcase works from “exceptional photographers that have chosen the camera as a method to express their thoughts and creativity”.

Among the foreign photographers are Sierra Seed, Steve Levinson, Radha Chadha, and Anthony Schatzky.

Alborz Malekpour, who has previously appeared at two photo exhibitions in Canada, has participated in this exhibition with five black and white photos. Elsa Hashemi and Morteza Niknahand are presenting photos with different narratives in this exhibition. Sasan Ghahreman, who is known as a documentary and street photographer, is the other Iranian photographer present at the exhibition. His works has the character of being occasional and accidental, which are not concerned with formalities.

Sierra Seed with photographs of abstract and technical concepts, Steve Levinson with intimate and friendly photos, Radha Chadha with science and art photos, and Anthony Schatzky with photos in an abstract space and out of context, which tell different mysterious stories and the joy of simplicity are showcasing their works as well.

The exhibit will be running until May 23.

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