(Persia Digest) – A documentary is being made in France on the life of the late Iranian wrestler, Jahan Pahlevan [World Champion] Takhti. Pioneer vocalist, Akbar Golpayegani, has also traveled to Paris to perform an old song for the documentary.

Known as Golpa, he is one of Iran’s best loved performers of song in the genre of classical Iranian music. He traveled to Paris recently to record a song for the documentary being made on the life of Gholamreza Takhti on the invitation of Takhti’s only son, Babak. Takhti had asked in his will that Golpa sing on his grave; he obliged by performing an old Persian song “You knew that dust is my carpet; why did you leave…”

Golpa told IRNA in an interview: “We were great friends and Takhti asked in his will that if he left the world before me, I should perform at his funeral. His wedding was also attended only by me, my wife, Fardin [Actor], and Badeizadeh [Vocalist/Musician]. His son informed me that they were making a documentary on his life and we would like you to be in it. I said very well. I will come; and I sang the same song as the one I performed on his burial day: “You knew that dust is my carpet; why did you leave? Why did you turn the good omen into a bad one? You knew you were my only friend, why did you leave? Why did you let the bird of hope fly away from this house…” (He has a lump in his throat). Alas! We don’t appreciate the friends we have…”

Akbar Golpayegani also spoke about the last song he performed for the radio: “It was 1979. The last song I recorded for the radio was in the style of “Bayat-e Isfahan: ‘The scent of flowers and song of birds, it is a time for joy in the plains.’ I sang it for the upcoming Nowruz holidays. But it was banned. They said it could not be broadcast. I did my job. I’m not sure what happened to it after that.”

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