(Persia Digest) - Iran has two of the most expensive foods in the world. One is saffron, which is the most expensive food in the world, and the value of every gram is more than pure gold, and the other is caviar, the most famous and delicious type of which is taken from beluga, a kind of fish native of the Caspian Sea. Statistically, these two are among the most expensive foods in the world.

1- Saffron

This spice, known as "red gold", is in fact the red stigmata of saffron flowers. The saffron plant only blooms for one to two weeks in the fall. The harvest of this spice requires a lot of workforce (hand-picked and processed), and each flower has only three stigmata. In order to produce a kilogram of saffron, two fields, as big as approximately two football fields, and about 300 thousand flowers are needed.

2- Caviar

Pickled caviar is an estrogen fish’s eggs, and one of the most delicious foods in the world. Its processing and packaging is difficult, and most importantly, it is very rare. The most famous caviar is taken from beluga living in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. This fish is in danger of extinction, so the sale of the caviar is very limited. The puberty period of beluga is about twenty years. The albino beluga - which is almost completely extinct in its natural habitat - is even rarer. As recorded in the Guinness World Records, the most expensive caviar in history belongs to an old albino beluga (probably one hundred years old), whose white caviar was sold for a kilo of $ 34,500.

There are other foods from around the world in this list that are often considered the most expensive because of their rarity or hard processing and being time-consuming, such as oysters, which was once a food for workers, but now due to excessive fishing and its rarity, has a high price. White Truffle mushroom is also one of the most expensive foods in northern Italy, which grows inside the roots of some trees.

The best Iberian ham, Wagyu beef, produced from four different breeds of Japanese cow, Kopi luwak coffee and fatty liver (Foie gras) are also among the most expensive foods in the world.

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