(Persia Digest) - Thirty-one final contracts were signed for the translation of Iranian books on global markets, and some initial agreements were made on 50 titles at athe Tehran Book Fair this year.

Ayoub Dehghankar, the executive director of the Grant Project (translating and supplying Iranian books to global markets), said in a statement to Mehr: “This year, the final signed contract concerns the translation of books for children and young adults into Arabic and French. It will be supplied to North African and European countries; according to the contract, the Tunisian publisher (Nirvana) is committed to translate all of these thirty-one books at their own expense and supply them to the mentioned markets. Thirty titles among these books (including six young adult novels and twenty-four children's books) have been published by Shabaviz Publications and another title - "No Books" by Mohammad Reza Sharafi Khabushan which won Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Award - has been published by Adab Publications.”

“Initial work on fifty other books have started as well, and we hope that in the next two or three months, the final contracts for their translation and publication will also be signed,” he continued.

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