(Persia Digest) - Iran will attend Seoul and Georgia Book Fairs in May.

Amir Shahramnia, the CEO of Iran Cultural Fairs Institute, said: “Iran participates in the Tbilisi Book Fair in Georgia from 25 to 28 May. In a recent visit with Georgia's cultural advisor, it was decided to create an atmosphere suitable for holding the Iranian booth at the fair. Of course, Iran Cultural Fairs Institute does not directly participate in the fair and does not send a delegate. However, required coordination has been carried out in this regard with the Iran Cultural Advisory Office in Tbilisi.”

Shahramnia also announced the presence of Iran in the Seoul Book Fair (South Korea - late June), following the signing of an agreement to exchange booths between Tehran and Seoul Book Fairs. The presence of our country in two book fairs in Beijing and Moscow in the summer of this year was also announced, and the possibility of Iran's participation in the Tokyo Book Fair is said to be subject to the final decision of Japanese officials to organize the fair.

He also pointed out that Iran Cultural Fairs Institute has not participated in any of the American Book Fair editions, and also completely ruled out the presence of Iran in the upcoming exhibition (30 May to 2 June).

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