(Persia Digest) - The album "The Symphony of Cyrus the Great" composed and conducted by Loris Tjeknavorian, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and Weiss Orchestra, recorded in 2017, will be distributed today, 27 May.

The symphony consists of the following pieces: “Flood and Vine”, “The First Dream of Astyages, the King of the Medes, Rain”, “The Second Dream of Astyages, Flood”, “The Birth and Abduction of Cyrus, Mourning of Mandana”, “Cyrus’ Childhood among the Plain Shepherds, the Shepherd Story”, “Astyages’ Wrath and Punishment of Harpagus, the Median General”, “The Battle of Pasargad, Cyrus Defeats Astyages and Founds the Persian Empire”, “Cyrus, the King of Kings”, “Nowruz, New Year's Day, the Assembly of the Kings”, “The Love of Cyrus and Cassandane, Daughter of Pharnaspes”, “The Royal Marriage”, “The Battle of Thymbra, Cyrus Defeats Croesus, the King of Lydia”, “Dayenu, Prayer of the Babylonian Jewish Captives, the Passover Song”, “The Victorious Entry of Cyrus to Babylon”, “Cyrus Human Rights Charter, Anointed by God”.

"The Symphony of Cyrus the Great" was recorded in 2017, with Atash Orga as the recording supervisor, sound recording by Mike Hatch and Floating Earth, and editing, mixing, and mastering by David Rowel.

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