(Persia Digest) - Since the beginning of the year, Iran's cinema experienced a good growth in sales compared to last year. According to some, the growth is due to the rise in ticket prices in Iran, and some believe that it is because of comedy films. But whatever it is, the 66% growth in ticket sales in Ordibehesht [April-May] compared to the same month last year and an increase of 18% in Farvardin [March- April] compared to last year, is very promising for the Iranian cinema. If the release of foreign films were possible - still suspended in Iran - it would make a more profitable box office for the Iranian cinema.

Iran's cinema with 3.307.641 audiences in Ordibehesht of this year had a growth of 66% compared to the same period last year. In Nowruz and Farvardin we had an 18% growth in sales in cinemas compared to last year. Cinema in Iran, like other countries, is an industry that is well received and attracts many audiences to the dark cinema halls. It has seen a good audience growth in recent years.

On the one hand, with the introduction of cinema into the off-exchange trading and the participation of a few people in the production of films in Iranian cinema, one can hope for better sales. It was decided that after the Fajr Film Festival, cinema’s special investment funds dubbed "Courageous" Funds would be unveiled, so that with the introduction of the cinema into the off-exchange trading, people can invest in cinematic films with their own small funds and also benefit from the sale of films.

The Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs has announced that Iran's cinema sales in Ordibehesht amounted to 26.763.560.723 tomans, with a growth of 59 percent compared to a similar period last year.

Based on the announcement of this Organization, box office sales in Ordibehesht of last year were 16.686 million tomans with a total audience of 2.004.508.

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