(Persia Digest) – “Retouch” from Iran, directed by Kaveh Mazaheri, is the winner of SorsiCorti Short Film Festival in Italy.

The online Ragusa News wrote on Monday: “This 2017 film is the Best Short Film of the 12th edition of SorsiCorti Festival in Italy.”

The Festival was held 20-26 May 2018 in the southern city of Palermo. The Best Director Award also went to Iranian Arian Vazir-Daftari for “Not yet”.

“Retouch” is a mutual production by Kaveh Mazaheri and the Iranian Youth Cinema Association. Its other awards include those of the “Jashn-e Khane-ye Cinema”, Fajr Film Festival, and best film at numerous international festivals, such as Tribeca, Krakow, Palm Springs, and Traverse City.

“Retouch” received three awards from three festivals approved by the Academy Awards in three months, qualifying it for introduction to the 2018 Academy Awards three consecutive times, which is a record all by itself for the cinema of Iran.

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