(Persia Digest) – The latest statistics published by the customs office in Iran indicate that exports from this country to Qatar show a significant growth as compared to a similar period last year.

This is 1.15 percent in terms of weight and 0.65 percent in terms of value out of the total value of Iran's exports during this period, making Qatar the 19th country on the list of its importers.

Iran’s share of exports to Qatar were 0.74 percent in weight and 0.14 percent in value over a similar period last year.

The comparison of exports volume to Qatar from Iran in the first two months of the current year with the same period last year indicates an increase of 64 percent in weight and over 435 percent in value.

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In 2016, the total exports figure for Iran was USD 44BN, out of which Qatar’s share amounted to USD 103MM, making it the 32nd importer of Iranian goods. Qatar's market share for Iranian exports in 2016 was 0.23 percent.

But in 2017, the total exports figure for Iran was USD 46.9BN, and Qatar's market share for Iranian exports was USD 248MM, placing it 23rd on the list, with an increase of 0.52 percent.

The comparison shows that while Qatar has been under a blockade by Saudi Arabia and its allies, exports from Iran to Qatar has grown by 141 percent in terms of value, indicating a twofold increase in market share for Iran in Qatar.


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