(Persia Digest) – Celebrity chef, author, and CNN presenter, Anthony Bourdain, committed suicide on Friday at the age of 61. The news of his death has been widely reported; Iranians have also reacted to the news on social media.

Anthony Bourdain traveled to Iran in 2014 and wrote that he was faced with a rather different Iran from what the western media had painted of the country.

While in Iran, he visited Tehran and Isfahan, got to know the people of Iran, and tasted Persian cuisine in his own style for his program Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

Upon his return, he held a very different view of the country from what the US administration and media has portrayed of Iran.

He wrote about the contradictions: “What you see inside Iran when meeting Iranians is very different from what the media tells you. I had never experienced this anywhere else in the world.”

Bourdain adds: “Although you may be standing in front of a big sign saying death to America, the people greet you in a much friendlier fashion than most westerners. They smile at you, offer their help, and ask how you are in broken English, showing their goodwill.”

Bourdain continues: “What we have shown you on Iran is only a small part of a much deeper, colorful, ancient, and complicated story worth paying more attention to.”

Persia Digest reports that Anthony Bourdain, American celebrity chef and presenter published a bestseller cookery book in 2000, entitled Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly that took him to fame. He joined CNN in 2013 and made the program Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown for the network, presenting the cuisine of various countries.


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