(Persia Digest) – The office of the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, has sent a response to the letter received from the National Wrestling Team members, to the relevant organs.

Persia Digest reports that after a number of Iranian wrestlers’ non-appearance against Israeli opponents led to their loss of medal and a ban by the International Wrestling Federation, a number of team members and technical crew of the national team wrote a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader, asking for a solution.

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The letter, written on 6 February 1017, reads: “Given the new conditions that have emerged in the world of sports management and the risk of successive deprivations threatening our national champions and coaches, we ask you to kindly instruct the Supreme National Security Council to convey this important message to the diplomatic apparatus of the country to form diplomacy teams in order to contact the International Olympic Committee and act as proud advocates of Iran and its national heroes.”

It must be noted that the answer to the letter from the Supreme Leader’s office has been sent to all the relevant organs, including the Ministry of Sport and Youth, about following up the issue by stressing on the preservation of the beliefs and political system of the country. No answer has yet been received from the Ministry of Sport and Youth and the National Olympic Committee.


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