(Persia Digest) – Following the US unilateral exit from the JCPOA, other signatories to the nuclear deal are now making efforts to keep Iran in the deal.

Euronews website reports that the latest developments indicate some MEPs have proposed the opening of an EU office in Tehran.

Euronews writes: “Trump's withdrawal from the accord has left Europe scrabbling to try and save it. The EU's foreign policy chief has highlighted Trump's different approaches to diplomacy, referring to Pyongyang.

Federica Mogherini said: "Diplomacy and dialogue are the only way forward, in this case towards lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula and beyond. And let me say that in more general terms, this is a clear sign that the diplomatic track is often challenging, is often the most difficult to be followed, but it is always the rewarding one."

And, among MEPs meeting in Strasbourg, that sentiment was echoed.

Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes commented: "We cannot be strong armed by the rules of Mr. Trump, rules which are not civilised."

But what can be done to save the nuclear deal?

"A good idea would be to have, to create, an official office of the EU in Tehran," said German MEP Cornelia Ernst.

"It would be a good sign and to look what are the most important questions in this country... We need a peaceful situation in this region. It is important for us and for the people in this region."

Tehran's warned that it needs convincing the deal can still deliver benefits. Something that will be on the minds of business leaders from Iran and Europe, who meet in Brussels next week.

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