(Persia Digest) – Iranians have started a campaign on social medial to fight the soaring prices of certain data-x-items such as gold and cars in Iran.

Persia Digest reports that prices have been going up for certain commodities in Iran. After the price of the dollar soaring against the rial, price rises began for many goods, including cars and houses. The price of gold and the Bahar Azadi gold coin also rose in an unprecedented manner. Subsequently, the price of some essential goods also went up.

Nonetheless, government officials, including the Central Bank of Iran Chief, have called the rises unusual and bubbles. The Economy Minister has also said Iranian economy is in a good way and the problem of rising prices in some markets is due to increasing liquidity.

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But lately, without taking these comments into account, Iranians have started a campaign on social medial to stop rising prices and existing conditions.

The campaign began by former Team Melli and Bayern Munich footballer, Ali Karimi, who posted a picture on Twitter and Instagram, asking people to stop buying data-x-items that have had price rises for a month to stop profiteers.

Currently, many users have shared the picture and joined the campaign in increasing numbers. They are hoping to stop daily climbing prices of goods such as cars and gold by sanctioning the market.

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