(Persia Digest) - A historical site belonging to the fifth millennium BCE has been discovered in Iran’s southern Boushehr Province recently. Experts were sent to the area by the Cultural Heritage Department here following pottery finds by the locals.

The site is located in the Tappeh Tahamchi area, 3kms to the west of ‘Ameri village near Deylam town. The find indicates the existence of a large, ancient civilization in this region.

The finds on the surface of the hills include buff ware with brown-colored, dark green, and black geometric designs. These have been found in the four villages of Gonaveh, Talsuz, Talghashi, and Kahlifeyi near the town of Dashtestan concurrent with the Bakun culture in Fars Province.

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Apart from the decorative pottery, tools made of stone and bones were also discovered on the surface of the enclosure.

Bushehr Province in southern Iran is on the Persian Gulf coast. It has over 1000 historic monuments and artifacts, of which 294 are movable and immovable, and 53 are intangible heritage registered on Iran’s list of national heritage. Deylam is at a distance of 200kms north of Bushehr.

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