(Persia Digest) – Some time ago, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu sent a video message about the water crisis in Iran, saying: “Israel has the knowledge to stop an environmental crisis in Iran and I want to share this with the people of Iran.” He pointed to the launch of a website and a telegram channel in Persian to fight the water crisis in Iran, and stated: “Israel is with the Iranian people and I want to save the lives of many of them.”

The message met with different reactions from Iranian officials.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Bahram Ghasemi, called it deceptive, hypocritical, and childish, saying: “Certainly, the Iranian people have the ability and experts in the country to resolve their issues and do not need these magic tricks.”

Issa Kalantari, Head of Iran’s Environmental Protection Agency, also pointed out that Iran’s environment was not Netanyahu’s concern, saying: “Netanyahu can do what he wants; but he needs to clean up his own mess first.”

Deputy Minister of Energy in International Affairs, Hedayat Fahmi, said: “Iranian experts have made outstanding efforts around the world to solve the water crisis and there is no technical problem in the water sector of the country. Of course, in order to deal with such abuses, the country must pay more attention to its body of expertise.”

Cultural advisor to the Iranian President, Hessam-e-Din Ashena, also reacted to Netanyahu’s comments: “Netanyahu’s video message was not promotional; it was destructive. It is seemingly an attempt to help the Iranian people, but he is in fact closing the doors on a solution for this crisis with psychological tricks.”

The last reaction came from the Assyrian representative in the Iranian Parliament who said: “The oppressing Zionist regime who has closed the tap on Palestinians won’t be able to teach our people what to do. The people of Iran will solve the water crisis together and don’t need Netanyahu’s Zionist plans.”

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