(Persia Digest) – Iranian spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry called the US statement issued on the execution of Mohammad Salas interference and told US officials: “You are not in a position to engage in the legal acts of other independent states and be at the heart of events.”

Bahram Ghasemi reiterated: “The accused had a lawyer and confessed to his guilt after going through the legal procedures of the IR of Iran. He was, therefore, found guilty and sentenced to Qesas [retaliation in kind]. The sentencing had nothing to do with his beliefs.”

Persia Digest reports that following the hanging of Mohammad Salas, the US State Department issued a statement calling it: “A clear violation of Iran’s international human rights obligations.” Nauert, State Department spokesperson, asked US allies to join the US in condemning the hanging. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also tweeted that the hanging was “unjust”.

On 19 February 2017, Salas allegedly drove a bus into the crowd at a Gonabadi Sufi Dervish gathering, martyring three police officers. The Dervishes were protesting attempts to arrest their leader, Nour-Ali Tabandeh. Initially, Salas accepted the charges in court, but changed his statement later and said he was not the bus driver.

His lawyer, Zeinab Taheri, also said new documents had come to light later, proving his innocence. The night before Salas’ execution, Taheri had asked on her twitter page for the new evidence to be investigated. But today, Zeinab Taheri denied publishing new evidence proof of his innocence, and stressed: “When a person has been executed, there is no more need to publish evidence of his innocence and create a fuss. This is also a kind of action against national security and is beneath the dignity of a lawyer.”

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