(Persia Digest) - SBS News writes that Iranian women will be allowed to watch their country's final World Cup group game against Portugal on Monday at a public viewing in a stadium in Tehran, the stadium manager said on Sunday.

Nasser Mahmudifard told the ISNA news agency that authorities had said women could enter the Azadi Stadium to view the match on a big screen. Iran still have an outside chance of making the last 16.

The 1-0 World Cup loss to Spain in Russia last week marked the first time in 40 years that women had been legally permitted to follow a football match in a stadium in Iran.

There had been several national and international protests against the long-standing ban on women attending Iranian stadiums.

Whether the move to again allow women to watch a game inside a stadium on a big screen translates into women being able to attend Iranian stadiums where matches are being played remains to be seen.

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