(Persia Digest) – “Mehr-e Atefeh” is a band led by Atefeh Sadat Mousavi, which will perform on Friday, 29 June, in Vahdat Hall for women only.

“Our concert is a nostalgic one, and a number of classic pieces will be performed. Our slogan in this concert is that "a woman can be a hero", and our emphasis, in the performance and selection of the pieces, is that women are heroes and we want to prove this, not to the whole society, but to the women. Hence, we chose encouraging pieces to show the great soul of a woman,” Atefeh Mousavi said in an interview with Ilna News Agency about performing her concert pieces.

“Women face a dilemma to find sponsors for their concerts. If you look at men’s music you can see the large number of sponsors. Do you know why? Because their voices are heard. Because they are known. But there are a lot of limitations for a woman about this," she said about the main and most important issue for female singers.

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“Women’s voice is a silent art in Iran. Music comes to show off its beauty, but we have to hide our inner beauty. I have always been lawful and I will act within the law as long as the current rules about women's music remain in place. But I hope more attention is paid to women and they are supported more,” Mousavi added.

“I think the names of women should be recorded in history as silent artists. My art is in my vocal cords and it should be shouted out, but women’s voice is silent in Iran,” Mousavi said at the end.

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