(Persia Digest) – The Persian language has been going strong for a thousand years in Pakistan. It has been a language used in the administrative affairs of the sub-continent and many of the written and cultural works of Pakistan are in Persian. But things are different today and the Persian language is nowhere to be seen in books and teachings.

Alireza Shad-Aram, Professor at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Pakistan, says: “The teaching methods of Persian in this country must change and be updated.”

He added: “Pakistan’s youth thirsts for information on the cultural achievements of contemporary Iran. Providing cultural products, in addition to creating cultural links, is also effective in creating a passion for Persian.”

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He also said that translating the cultural and literary works of both countries in each other’s languages can be an effective, reciprocal way of introducing their cultures and languages.

Persia Digest reports that, currently, more than 500 students are learning Chinese studying at the NUML in Islamabad, 200 are learning Korean, and 60 are learning Persian.

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