(Persia Digest) – Team Melli has returned home from a proud round of games at the 2018 World Cup in Russia in the early hours of Wednesday morning to be met by crowds of their fans.

Hundreds of Team Melli supporters drove all the way to IKIA outside Tehran to give their footballers a hero’s welcome. Team Melli played three breathtaking games against Morocco, Spain, and Portugal in Group B, named the death group, at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It returned home after elimination.

Iran managed to score four points in a 1-0 win against Morocco and a 1-1 draw with Portugal. This was the country’s best results after qualifying for the World Cup five times. Although the team was eliminated from the games, they played valiantly and gained the joy and respect of their compatriots.

Photos: Seyed Alireza Kiaei/Borna, Mohammad Mohsenifar/Borna, Amin Jalali/IRNA

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