(Persia Digest) – An Iranian cultural week has opened in Baku with the presences of the Iranian and Azeri ministers of culture.

Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Seyed Abbas Salehi, said at the opening ceremony: “Our two nations did not meet today. We have known one another for thousands of years.”

He added: “Hafez, Sa’di, Mohammad Fozouli, Ganjavi, and Shahriar are well-known poets in both cultures.”

Persia Digest reports that an Iranian arts and culture exhibition is also taking place alongside the Iranian cultural week in Azerbaijan.

Works exhibited here include calligraphy, illuminations, calligrams, Sols (Thuluth) calligraphy, Naskh transcriptions, engravings on silver, etchings, paintings on bones, woodcarvings, and photographs of Iranian folk costume and tourist attractions.

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zerbaijan’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Abulfas Garayev, also spoke at the ceremony: “There is a very good brotherly relationship between government officials and the people of both countries, and cultural cooperation plays an important role in deepening these relationships.”

The National Iranian Orchestra comprised of 40 young musicians, of which one-third are girls, performed at the “Philharmonia” hall in Baku with the vocals of prominent Iranian singer Salar Aghili, at the opening ceremony.

The Iranian cultural week will run from 27 June to 1 July 2018 in Baku and Ganja. In June last years, the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, and Ardabil were host to the Azerbaijan cultural week, attended by Abulfas Garayev.

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