(Persia Digest) - Mohamed Al-Daradji, Iraqi director of the film "The Journey", announced the production of a joint film with Iran in a conversation with IRNA. “Eight years of war between Iraq and Iran caused many devastations.  But after a long time, when Iraq got involved in another war, the Iranians came to support us. This caused misunderstandings for some people, so we plan to answer them in the cinema,” he said.

“Of course, these misunderstandings were caused for people who do not know much about Iran and Iraq's common culture and roots, and they only recall the eight years of war,” he added.

He stated that the world's media has misrepresented Iran's culture. “By making a joint film, we intend to introduce the culture of two nations better and more accurately to the world, not the way the Western media presents them,” he said.

“Making a joint Iranian film with other countries, especially the Arab world, can do good things that politicians cannot do,” the Iraqi director said.

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Al-Daradji believes the common feature of Iranian films is their subject. “Of course, due to the limitations that Iranian filmmakers have, they have to have a very artistic mindset to advance the subject with respect to Iranian culture. Therefore, if you watch Iranian films without subtitles or even silently, you can recognize them as Iranian works,” he added.

Persia Digest reports that Al-Daradji was born in 1978 in Baghdad and studied cinematography and directing in England. This year, he attended the 36th Fajr Film Festival with his film “The Journey”.

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