(Persia Digest) – Head of the Passive Defense Organization of Iran said: “Climate change in Iran is suspected to be due to interference by foreigners. This has been confirmed by scientific centers in Iran.”

Sardar Gholamreza Jalali reiterated: “Joint teams from Israel and one of our neighboring countries neutralize the clouds entering Iranian skies. In addition, we are also faced with the issue of cloud and snow theft.”

Jalali added: “In a study conducted over the past four years, the mountainous areas of Afghanistan were studied through to the Mediterranean. The result was that all high altitudes above 2200 meters in this area were covered in snow, but our heights were dry.”

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He also pointed out threats to the biological environment, bioterrorism, and biological weapons, and reminded: “Today, the biological warfare is aimed at harming the economy of certain countries. There are some countries who carry out targeted biological attacks.”

Jalali continued: “Three years ago, the olive orchards in the northern Rudbar area were the target of biological warfare and a large part of the produce was lost. Whether or not the source of the attack was human or not is not clear, but in any case the result was economic damage.”

He also considered the damage to poultry farms, especially in Alborz province which is the center of production of a large part of Iranian eggs, to be of the same kind, and said: “This has happened twice over the past two years. The affected poultry were destroyed by the Veterinary Dept both times.”

Jalali added: “Moreover, there are threats to the food industry, especially food modification, changing consumption patterns, and so on, which can change the capabilities of a nation.”

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