(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President has reiterated that the Iranian nation will never bow down to foreign pressures and asked the Iranian diaspora to express the facts about their country, invest there, and help those living in Iran through scientific relations and trade.

At a meeting with Iranians resident abroad, Hassan Rouhani who has traveled to Switzerland, said: “We told all our foreign counterparts that if you speak with the language of respect and logic with the Iranian nation, we can solve any issues with logic and dialogue. If you choose the logic of pressurizing and humiliating the Iranian nation, this will never yield positive results in Iran and the result would only be a lose-lose situation.”

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He stated that the JCPOA was signed on a win-win basis for Iran and the world: “Iran’s logic has not changed. An illogical side has left the JCPOA with the aim of putting pressure on the Iranian people.”

Rouhani continued: “The real purpose of the US is to pressurize Iranians through sanctions, but they claim their aim is the Iranian government. The Americans say they want to stop Iranian oil exports altogether. They do not understand the meaning of the word, because stopping Iran’s oil exports, but continuing the export of oil from other parts of the region is meaningless. Do it if you can and see the results.”

Rouhani added: “Swiss officials have said they know Iran is right and support the JCPOA and trade ties with us. Forty Swiss companies are meeting with their Iranian counterparts today.”

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