(Persia Digest) – One of the attractive places to visit in Iran is Shushtar town in Khuzestan Province. There, you can see the waterfalls of Shuhstar (Sika) which were built to generate hydraulic power for the industrial mills in the Sassanid era.

The complex includes waterfall, mills, and tunnels to direct the water current. It is said that the “Gorgor” river was constructed under Shapur I, mostly to promote agricultural prosperity and supply water to the south and east of Shushtar.

The bridge constructed for Gorgor dam connects Shushtar from the east to Ahvaz and Masjed Soleiman and prevents the river from flooding.

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One of the most prominent features of this touristic complex is the proximity of its waterfalls and mills to the historic fabric of the city of Shushtar.

It also has a very stunning visual feature and that is the formation of artificial waterfalls from the wastewater of the mills that pours into a pond and creates a pleasurable sight for visitors to this town.

The collection of Shushtar mills and waterfalls are considered to be a world-class masterpiece of engineering given their construction time.

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