(Persia Digest) – At a meeting with the Swiss President, and Iranian and Swiss businessmen on Tuesday, the Iranian President said we have never taken any steps against another country, nor will we do so. He added: “Some countries are seeking to globalize their illegal behaviors; it is our duty to work together within the framework of international law for peace and the interests of nations.”

Hassan Rouhani added: “Our message in this summit is that Iran and Switzerland will continue their relations within the framework of mutual interests and international law. It means that, in today's world, unilateralism cannot work in politics, security, economy, science, the environment, or any other place.”

Pointing out that the basis of the IR of Iran policies is always constructive engagement with the world, Rouhani said: “We showed during the JCPOA negotiations and afterwards that we will remain committed to our obligations. I announce to the world that Iran remains committed to international laws and the NPT and it will continue its cooperation with these organizations, including the IAEA.”

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He reiterated: “Iran wants fair, legal, peaceful and stable relations with the world and will play its part in this regard.”

Rouhani continued by saying: “Iran is not only a safe and secure country, it considers the safekeeping of security and stability in the world as one of its biggest responsibilities. Today, some neighboring countries have achieved this security and stability with help from Iran.”

He added: “Iran and Switzerland have never taken any steps to the detriment of other countries and will never do so. Iran attaches a great deal of importance to the EU and other European countries like Switzerland.”

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