(Persia Digest) - JCPOA joint commission’s first meeting will be held on Friday this week in Vienna with participation of foreign ministers from Iran, Germany, France, Russia, Britain and China after the US exit from JCPOA.

During the meeting which is to be held at the request of Iran, foreign ministers of Iran and the five countries are to discuss EU incentive package and the solutions to preserve Iran nuclear deal after US illegal action to withdraw from the accord.

As per Persia Digest’s report, on May 25 the JCPOA joint commission was held at the request of Iran at political directors and deputy foreign ministers’ level between Iran and P4+1 (Germany, England, France, Russia and China). It was also participated by the IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano at Coburg Hotel in Vienna.

The joint commission experts meeting was held on Thursday, 7 June, with participation of delegations from Iran and P4+1 in Tehran. Iran and the European Union have been pursuing talks to secure Iran's economic interests in JCPOA. According to Araghchi, both sides discussed various areas of sanctions, including energy, oil and gas, industry, automotive, transportation, aircraft issues, and banking and insurance issues.

The details of the EU's economic package for Iran have not yet been released, but various media have been speculating about it. Some media claim that Iran has a positive view on this package, in which Europe will guarantee to buy one million oil barrels from Iran, and in return, foreign currency will be paid to Iran through a specific channel. Europe has also agreed to invest $ 10 billion in Iran.

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