(Persia Digest) – The CEO of the World Energy Foundation has pointed to the energy capacities available in Yazd Province, central Iran, and said: “Wind catchers and aqueducts in Yazd Province are witness to the rich culture of desert people in endurance and the use of clean energies.”

On his trip to Iran and Yazd Province, Wolfgang Neumann said: “The account of sustainable global energy began in Yazd. This province is a center for global energy sustainability and has always been a prime example of sustainable energy from ancient times for its wind catchers and aqueducts.”

He continued by saying: “Now is the time to show Iran’s real face to the world. Iran has oil and gas, but has remained committed to and acted on sustainable energy.”

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He reiterated: “The World Energy Foundation is ready to sign an MoU to send experts in the energy field to Yazd Province.”

Persia Digest reports that simultaneously with the trip of the World Energy Foundation CEO to Yazd Province, an MoU was signed between the Foundation and Yazd City Council for “Implementing modern global practices in the field of knowledge-based, green urban management.”

Training and scientific and industrial visits for specialists introduced by Yazd Council in Europe for the required fields, holding the Ecocity World Summit in Yazd, holding domestic and international training courses in urban management, developing sustainable tourism and knowledge exchange on tourism, supporting the publication of specialized books on sustainable urban development, green cities and energy, are some of programs on the MoU agenda.

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