(Persia Digest) – Woman director of short films, Farnoush Samadi, has recently become a member of the Oscar Academy, together with Ali Asgari and Hossein Jafarian. She has spoken of the reaction of Iranian women, their happiness for her, and hopes.

About a change in approach by the Oscar Academy towards women and persons of color, Farnoush Samadi told Mehr News Agency: “A large number of women and persons of color were invited to join the Academy this year. This new approach also affected our selection from Iran.”

She added: “I am the only woman from Iran who has joined the Academy this year. This has raised the hopes of many women on social media to work in this field. I am happy to be an incentive for them and give them the encouragement to fight all the problems that stand in their way and be seen.”

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Persia Digest reports that Ali Asgari and Farnoush Samadi have over 800 participations and 300 international awards in their portfolio with the short films “More than two hours”, “The baby”, “Silence”, and “Gaze”. They have been to two editions of the competition section of Cannes Film Festival, and Venice, Locarno, and Sundance festivals, and five nominations to the Academy for awards approved by the Academy. As of today, Ali Asgari and Farnoush Samadi are two of the most accredited short film directors in Iran.

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