(Persia Digest) - Major General Qasem Soleimani, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Commander, has said in a message that the Iranian President's recent stance against the Americans and Zionists was "admirable".

Persia Digest reports that Sardar Soleimani said in his message: “What was reflected in the media from your speech about not guaranteeing the sale of regional oil if Iranian oil cannot be sold, and the very valuable statements you made about the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the Zionist regime makes us proud."

The IRGC Commander continued: “This is the same Dr Rouhani that we knew, and that is how it should be. Allow me to kiss your hand for this wise, timely speech. I am ready to serve the Islamic regime in any way necessary.”

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Persia Digest reports that President Rouhani delivered a speech yesterday at a meeting with Iranians resident in Switzerland, pointing out to the speech by an American official about bringing the sale of Iranian oil down to zero, saying: “They do not understand the meaning of the word, because stopping Iran’s oil exports, but continuing the export of oil from other parts of the region is meaningless. Do it if you can and see the results.”

Certain media have linked these words to the closure of the Strait of Hormuz by Iran if it is prevented from exporting its oil, spiking oil prices today as a first reaction.

Previously, it had been reported that a US official had said his country is seeking to cut Iranian oil sales to zero. After his unilateral exit from the JCPOA, Donald Trump is exercising economic pressure and reimposing unilateral sanctions against Iran - while threatening other countries with secondary sanctions if they do business with Iran – to force Iran to accept his demands.

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