(Persia Digest) – At a meeting with Yukiya Amano, IAEA Director General, the Iranian President said: “The responsibility for changing the status and level of Iran's cooperation with the Agency lies with those who have created the new situation.”

At his meeting with Amano, Hassan Rouhani emphasized that the main duty of the IAEA is to defend the rights of nations in using peaceful nuclear technology, saying: “The JCPOA was a landmark deal for diplomacy and the IAEA. The continuation of this success depends on balancing the commitments made by all parties to the deal.”

He stressed that if the benefits of the Iranian nation is not secured by the JCPOA, Iran will have no reason to remain in the deal: “Iran’s nuclear activities have always remained peaceful. But Tehran will have to decide about the level of its cooperation with the IAEA, and the responsibility for any changes in this respect lies with those who have created the present situation.”

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The Iranian President pointed out that the US exit from the JCPOA has upset the balance of the deal, adding: “In this situation, the rest of the signatories to the deal must stand up to this action and make up for the lost balance created by those who leave the agreement.”

Rouhani continued by saying: “It is not logical that one party to a deal should remain committed to all its obligations and for the other party to abrogate them all. If the interests of our nation are not provided by the JCPOA, we will make new decisions every step of the way.”

At the meeting, Amano also stated: “The JCPOA was a landmark deal both from a diplomatic and technical stance. In its verifications, the IAEA has repeatedly confirmed that Iran is in compliance with its obligations under the JCPOA.”

Amano thanked Iran for not reacting to the unilateral US exit from the deal thus far.

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