September 04, 2017 13:24
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(Persia digest)-  Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) Director has said that the volume of nanotechnology produced in Iran surpassed 79 billion tomans in 2013 to reach 309 billion tomans in 2015. He added: ‘Presently, domestic products are exported to 21 countries.’

In an interview with ISNA, Ali Taheri pointed out to the uses of nanotechnology in industries such as automotive, oil, textiles, food, and hygiene, and said: ‘Markets and sales will be good indicators for the introduction of new products based on nanotechnology.’

According to him: ‘A portal has been set up at the INIC Head Office for the ‘exchange of technology’ in order to commercialize approved products and upload them on the site for introduction to investors.’

He said there are 27 companies operating in the production of nanotechnology-based drugs in the health sector, such as Curcumin and Sinadoxosome.

Tahari emphasized that there are currently seven companies active in the water and energy industries, and added: ‘A serious challenge in Tehran is the nitrate content of the city’s drinking water. Relevant companies have used nanotechnology to successfully eliminate nitrate from the water. This technology was used at a water well in the ‘Isfahanak’ district of Tehran, reducing nitrate to permissible levels.

INIC’s Director announced the application of this technology, especially in deprived areas such as Kerman, and reminded: ‘Apart from nanotechnology, desalination pilot plants have also been manufactured by these companies’.

He pointed out to problems of wastewater effluents faced by most refineries in the country and said plasma wastewater treatment is one of the achievements of knowledge-based companies to solve this problem.

He also talked about nanofiber equipment and said that this line of production is now active and the technology is being exported to South Korea. A contract has also been signed with China in this respect.

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