(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Supreme Leader recently ordered the Iranian authorities to form an economic coordination council as an economic war room.
Mohammad-Reza Pour Ebrahimi, the head of the Economic Commission of Iran's Parliament, explained about the details of forming the economic war room on Khat-e Hezbollah website, which is the online periodical of the Supreme Leader's office.
“On 28 April, the Supreme Leader emphasized the necessity of forming an economic war room in a secret meeting with the heads of the three organs [executive, legislative, judicial],” he said.

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According to him, investment, inflation, employment, the improvement of the banking system and issues related to national production are among the major economic topics that were covered by Iran’s Supreme Leader at this meeting, to be set as the main priorities on the agenda of the economic war room, so that a decision can be made more quickly.
“In this council, in addition to the heads of the three organs, the heads of the Iranian Parliament Commission on Economy, first deputy of the Chief Justice and Attorney General of Iran from the judiciary, the first Vice President, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, head of the Management and Planning Organization, and Vice President for Economic Affairs from the government are present,” Pour Ebrahimi added.
According to Pour Ebrahimi, the removal of 1339 data-x-items from the list of imports, as well as terminating the import of domestic products similar to those manufactured in the country, are among the decisions of the economic war room that have been issued recently.

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