(Persia Digest) – The Atashgah waterfall is known as Iran’s miniature waterfall and is one of its most exciting tourist attractions. It is a 190kms from Shahr-e Kord in western Iran.

The landscape spanning from its source to Khersan River is a lush green area covered with various species of trees and forest vegetation. The many peaks and troughs of the valley have created a myriad of little waterfalls.

Khersan is one of the larger rivers flowing into the main Karoun River. Its sources are in the snowy peaks of mounts Dena and the central Zagross Mountain Chain in the south of Isfahan Province, and north of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad. With the confluence of a number of rivers and sources in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, it then reaches Khuzestan Province.

When Khersan River drops down from the heights, it creates a delightful scenery for everyone to enjoy.

This region has a mild climate verging on warm. The air of the valley is cool and soul soothing, leaving all Iranian tourists and those visiting from elsewhere refreshed and ready for another day.

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