(Persia Digest) – Guinness World Records names Richard Clayderman as “the most successful pianist worldwide”. He was a guest in Iran in June this year with six nights of concerts in Tehran. In an interview with the website “Our music”, he spoke of his wish to travel to Iran, saying: “I had wanted to come to Iran for ten years. I received fan letters from Iran and was amazed that I was known here.”

He continued: “I had heard about the Persian culture, Isfahan, and Iran’s beautiful museums and ancient palaces. All of these acted as incentives for me to come here. I am very happy to have been able to visit Iran and its hospitable people. The energy of the Iranian people gave me a super sense of security.”

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About Trump leaving the JCPOA, Clayderman said: “I was very upset that this happened and made Iranians even more respectful for me. I also respect Iran for its ancient civilization, culture, art, and architecture.”

He added: “I must also add that the Persian language is well known in France and has been mentioned often in our 17th and 18th century literature. I was very keen on visiting this country. I am sure I will perform in Iran with great honor once again. I had many happy moments here and I dream of returning.”

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