(Persia Digest) - St Thaddeus Monastery, also known as Kara Kilise, will be holding its 64th religious ceremony in Chaldoran, in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province, from Thursday 12 July 2018.

The ceremony called Badarak will be held in one of the world’s oldest monasteries (68 CE). It will be attended by Armenian pilgrims who will visit the sacred Thaddeus tomb and observe communion.

Kara Kilise is held sacred among Armenians worldwide and many bring their children here for baptism. They celebrate here by sacrificing sheep and asking the Lord and the Son for their blessings.

Persia Digest reports that programs have been arranged to welcome pilgrims to the region, including the set up of hotel, a handicrafts fair, and preparation and distribution of promotional materials. A photography exhibition of West Azerbaijan tourism attractions will also be held on the main site of the church.

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This is also the 10th year of the church having been registered by the Unesco World Heritage Site. This religious ceremony is the epitome of peaceful coexistence of various religions and ethnic groups in Iran and a show of peace and friendship by the Iranians to the world.

The communion ceremony takes place at Kara Kilise every year. Armenians from Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, Canada and many other countries attend the ceremony which is one of seven holiest events in all of Christianity.

Thaddeus was an apostle of Christ and the ceremony is rooted in the last supper with Jesus Christ on the night of his arrest and execution by the Roman soldiers. St Thaddeus was buried in the monastery which is now a holy place of pilgrimage for Armenians.

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