(Persia Digest) – The Supreme Leader of Iran’s advisor in international affairs has announced: “Iran will not conduct any negotiations with the Trump Administration or any other US officials.”

Persia Digest reports that US President, Donald Trump, has said recently that Iran will eventually contact him to reach an agreement, and the agreement will take place.

But presently, in answer to a question regarding the matter, the Supreme Leader of Iran’s advisor in international affairs who has traveled to Moscow, said: “We have no intention of negotiating with the US. If US officials imagine that we will do so, they must know that we do not consider Trump and his officials worthy of taking to.”

Ali-Akbar Velayati added: “The US has abrogated the JCPOA, which was endorsed by a UN resolution; must we negotiate with this country to give us some unsubstantiated statements?”

About positioning NATO forces along the Syria-Turkey border, Velayati said: “The Axis of Resistance comprising Syria, Iraq, and the Hezbollah in Lebanon will not allow NATO forces to take up position on the Syrian Border. This will be an illegal move.”

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Velayati continued: “With 600 thousand forces in Vietnam, the US still failed. NATO must also know that its presence in Syria will be a deep swamp and the Axis of Resistance forces will give them an historic answer.”

On Netanyahu’s trip to Moscow, Velayati said: “His words and actions hold no value for us. Russia is important to us. The IR of Iran and Russia are in agreement with Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah, and this is not in any way related to the Zionist regime.”

He continued by pointing to his meeting with the Russian President, in which Putin discussed the expansion of trade ties with Iran over the next four years and a possible USD 50BN investment in Iran’s oil sector.

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