(Persia Digest) – The second festival of string instrument improvisation music will take place in Niaravan Cultural Center 1-6 September 2018.

Musicians performing at the concert are as follows:
Guitar: Golfam Khayyam, Zofia Borys, and Frank Berger

Bass: Renaud Garcia-Fons, Mats Eilertsen, and Björn Meyer

Cello: Anja Lechner

Shurangiz: Ali Boustan

Bağlama: U Oezedmir

Kamancheh: Hessam Inanlou

Persia Digest reports that Zofia Borys and Frank Berger will be going on stage in Iran for the first time. But Renaud Garcia-Fons, the great upright bass player, is revisiting Iran following his concert at the 28th Fajr International Music Festival 2012 which created a most memorable performance at the Vahdat hall. He extended the music of his bass instrument to any culture he set his mind to, and even played a ‘chahar mezrab in mahour’ classical Persian music piece to a receptive Iranian audience.

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“The Show of Hands” concert was organized by Hermes Records last year, with great musicians taking part, such as Tord Gustavsen, Payman Yazdanian, François Couturier, etc… at the Niavaran Cultural Center. The live music concert was accompanied by other programs, such as workshops held by the musicians and relevant documentary shows, defining a new set of standards for such concerts held in Iran.

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