(Persia Digest) - “I feel that people have been distancing themselves from the arts over the past year, and they are no longer inclined to get involved in these fields. Traditional music has been replaced with the so-called vulgar songs, which is a great pity. It is best to think of solidarity with each other in the current situation,” Shahram Nazeri, the famous Iranian singer, said.

“Perhaps the only thing that has preserved the Iranian's interest in traditional music and similar concerts to some extent is the ancient Iranian culture and civilization. But unfortunately, every day, the country’s situation, music and all the issues we are dealing with are becoming worse than before. Iranian classical and original music is dying. Of course, this is happening along with the general conditions of the society and, therefore, it is normal,” Shahram Nazeri said in an interview with Etemaad Online about the popularity of music and concerts.

“Unfortunately, an unusual unculturedness has spread through society and this tendency has nothing to do with the people; because, nowadays, they are under the greatest of possible pressures. The economy and people’s livelihood are problems that have destroyed their souls and minds,” he added.

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