(Persia Digest) - National Iranian Gas Exports Company (NIGEC) Director, Mehran Amir-Moeini, said about a proposal to the US to participate in expanding the LNG sector of Iran: “This is still only a proposal and no directives have been issued for negotiations. The point is, if the US wants to diminish European dependence on Russia, it can do this best by investing in Iran’s LNG sector or gas pipelines to Europe. This will help decrease European dependence on Russian Gas.”

He told ILNA: “This is just a proposition and there is no talk of negotiations in the near future yet.”

He emphasized: “Unless the political issues are resolved, it is unlikely that we can conduct economic talks. Our issues with the Americans are currently political. Once this is taken care of, the economic issues will be automatically resolved. Therefore, this project can moderate US policies towards Iran.”

Persia Digest reports that Hossein Kazempour-Ardabili, Iran’s representative to OPEC, told Reuters on Friday: “If Iran expands its LNG projects, Tehran can help diminish European dependence on Russian gas, a subject dear to American hearts.”

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He also reiterated: “Trump is worried about EU and German dependence on Russian gas. So, why won’t EU and US companies make mutual investments in Iran’s LNG sector?! Iran has the world’s largest natural gas fields.”

On Wednesday 11 July, Trump made a strong verbal attack on Germany for its cooperation with Russia in the gas transport network from the Baltic Sea to Berlin, and said Germany has become a Russian captive.

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