(Persia Digest) – Rezvani Motors automotive designers and manufacturers, owned by Iranian Ferris Rezvani, has unveiled its SUV military style car capable of defense against chemical attacks.

The car has a bullet proof armor, is powered with a V8 engine producing 700hp, and affordable by the public.

The off-road SUV must be made to order. It is known as the Tank Military Edition with defensive features targeting a special class of customers. The manufacturers say the SUV can travel over rough terrain and protect the lives of its passengers when in danger or under gunfire.

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It can also resist certain explosions and has gas masks against chemical attacks. The car is also fitted with strobe and blinding lights, a thermal night vision system, and powerful speakers. The tyres are also bullet and puncture proof.

Farids [Ferris] Rezvani, CEO of Rezvani Motors, said: “After unveiling our off-road, bulletproof SUV in 2017, we updated it to this military edition. This is an advanced luxury SUV designed for possible urban conflicts.”

The Tank Military Edition is priced at USD 295 thousand, and the original car can be purchased for USD 146 thousand.

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