(Persia Digest) – The spokesperson for the IRGC has responded to claims by US President, Donald Trump, to confrontations between the IRGC fast attack boats with the US navy.

Persia Digest reports that Donald Trump tweeted the following statistics last week on confrontations between the US navy and IRGC boats in the Persian Gulf:

“Iranian Harassment of US Warships:

  2015: 22

  2016: 36

  2017: 14

  2018: 0”

The spokesperson for the IRGC has responded to Trumps claims by saying: “There have been fewer confrontations, because the Americans have been better behaved. Otherwise, no change has taken place in the IRGC navy patrols.”

Sardar Ramezan Sharif added: “The IRGC navy has been responsible for patrols and the supervision of foreign vessels in the Persian Gulf over the past years. During this time, there have been numerous incidents during which we have had to warn against passage through the Strait of Hormuz and entrance into our territorial waters.”

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He continued by saying: “This face-to-face has also happened with the US navy vessels on numerous occasions, the last of which culminated in the arrest of US marines who were released with an apology from them.”

The IRGC spokesperson said: “Ever since, we have witnessed a more law-abiding behavior by the Americans in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz and, hence, fewer confrontations. Otherwise, there have been no changes in the IRGC patrols and behavior.”

Earlier, the President’s advisor, Hessam-e-Din Ashena had tweeted: “The US carriers have been well-behaved for a long time now and there has been no need to warn them against entering our territorial waters.”

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