(Persia Digest) – By reiterating his government’s support for the JCPOA, the British Ambassador to Tehran said: “Our colleagues in Iran and the UK are working hard to resolve the issues of reimposed US sanctions on Iran.”

Rob Macaire added: “The UK government's support for the JCPOA is not only for the agreement itself, but also for its economic importance and benefits to Iran. This is Iran’s right and as long as it remains committed to its obligations under the deal, we will also support Iran.”

He continued by saying: “As the Iranian Foreign Minister announced, this support is not limited to political slogans. Words must be translated into action so that we can continue our economic and business ties.”

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The UK Ambassador to Iran said: “We have also signed a number of MoUs after the US exit from the JCPOA, including an important one with an Iranian company which was signed only yesterday. It is our duty to build trust between the private sector in Iran and our country to sustain trade.”

Rob Macaire added: “We hope that relations between the two countries will continue with the participation of all parties.”

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