September 05, 2017 16:37
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(Persia digest)-  Marivan is a beautiful border city located in Kurdistan Iran. It has been 12 years since they started hosting one of the most significant events of Iran theater-the International Street Theater Festival. Each year street theater groups from all around the globe come together to join the festival.

Marivan is a highland, and the remarkable river of Zarivar passes through the city. However, Zarivar is not a river; it is greatest sweet water spring in the world. The passage of river through the heart of the city creates an extraordinary landscape making it fit for Street theater.

The 12th Marivan Street Theater Festival starts from September 8-13 in the beautiful city. Street theater groups from France, Spain, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Ukraine, and Iran are going to attend the festival.

This year “Idea and Form” and “Creative Youth Theater” sections have been added  to the festival. During the festival, 72 performances in ‘free competition’ and six works in ‘ritual drama’ sections  are going to participate. Three educational workshops on ‘art of theater’ and ‘street theater’ will also be held for the participants.

The Street Theater Festival, however, is not the only attraction of Marivan. Marivan is a highland located amidst the high mountains of Zagros; home to amazing landscapes of the untamed nature of Kurdistan. The moving islands are Another attraction of the region. These islands are the entangled roots of the plants that have grown around the Zarivar lake, moving at the mercy of wind or water towards the center of the lake. Sometimes the islands are as big as 20 square meters. Regarding the climate, Zarivar enjoys mild summers and freezing winters. Thus the lake is mostly frozen during winters, but during the summer the average temperature does not exceed 24-celsius  degrees.

The Halo Khan Fortress, Bilu and Nav’tagh Garan Fields, Guile and Solour waterfalls are among the natural attractions of Marivan. Traveling to Marivan especially during the Street Theater Festival is a sight not to be missed.

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