(Persia Digest) – Savashi Gorge and Waterfall is located about 17 km from Firouzkouh city in Tehran Province. It attracts many tourists due to its pleasant climate in the summer.

One of the most fascinating parts of the trip to Tangeh Savashi is passing through a river in a rocky gorge with cool and tumultuous waters.

This area consists of two gorges, the first one is known as "Vashi" and the second one is known as "Sa". At the end of the second gorge, there is a waterfall with a 15- meters drop, which is a major attraction for Iranian and foreign tourists.

How to reach Tangeh Savashi?

In the second kilometer of Firouzkouh-Tehran road, you enter a side road. After 10 kilometers, the village of Jeliz Jand appears. After passing through the village and going for 4.5 km on a road which is built through a plain and along streams of clear water, the walkway of Tangeh Savashi begins.

After crossing the first gorge and passing through a beautiful plain, the second gorge is located about 2 km away from the first one. This gorge is also beautiful like the first one, and cool water runs down its rocky walls in different places. At the end of this gorge, the sound of the water calls to tourists, so they can enjoy swimming in the hot summer under the waterfall.

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Historical attractions of Tangeh Savashi

Tangeh Savashi, in addition to its beautiful nature, also has historical monuments. One of the three famous rock reliefs of the Qajar period, carved on the orders of Fathali Shah, is located in this gorge. This rock relief, which is about 185 years old, has been carved into the mountain in a way that has been protected from rain and sunlight.

One of the souvenirs of the village of Jeliz Jand is "five herbs doogh". This local dough contains the aromatic herbs of thyme, mint, Ziziphora, and two different types of pennyroyal; tourists can savor its pleasant taste on their trip.

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