(Persia Digest) – Mahmoud Vaezi, Chief of Staff of the President of Iran, has announced: “When they say Iran is seeking to negotiate with the United States, it has not been so thus far. When President Rouhani went to the UN [last year], it was President Trump who made eighth requests for talks with Mr Rouhani who did not accept.”

Persia Digest reports, Donald Trump had said at NATO’s meeting last week that Iran will eventually contact him for an agreement, and the agreement would take place. The US President had said: “Iran is more respectful of the US than in the past. They have many problems and their economy is falling apart. They will call me one day and say let’s negotiate and reach an agreement.”

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But the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday: “Maybe the President is joking. Of course, he might call Tehran and ask to talk. This is more of a possibility and similar cases have happened in the past.”

The announcement by the Chief of Staff now reveals what Bahram Ghasemi was pointing out to – the eight times Trump had asked for talks. Now, Trump’s reaction to this revelation remains to be seen.”

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