(Persia Digest) – Talking about the huge potentials of tourism in Iran, the Austrian Ambassador to Tehran announced: “A joint tourism and ecotourism course will be run by an Austrian university to promote the industry between the two countries.”

Speaking at the Damavand 2018 Symposium on Friday, Stefan Sholz said this was the most ambitious project between the two countries in their year of friendship.

He added: “Currently, we will focus on mountain climbing in Davamvad, and the economic aspects of the peak. We are hoping to reach a number of great achievements with the help of the mountaineering federations of Iran and Austria.

He said the achievements included S&R, cooperation between four Austrian and one Iranian universities in the project of using medicinal herbs from the Alborz Mountain Chain, and the start-up of a specialized course in tourism and ecotourism by an Austrian university in Iran.

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The Austrian Ambassador to Tehran described Iran as much more than a beautiful country with an ancient civilization, and said: “Austria is working hard to further engage with Iran to develop tourism opportunities by supporting and safekeeping the various local cultures.”

Scholz continued: “On 31 July, Iranian and Austrian mountaineers will climb Damavand Peak with a group of European ambassadors to Tehran in order to convey this message to the word that Europe and Iran always remain committed to their obligations in every respect.

Persia Digest reports that the Damavand 2018 Symposium, with an emphasis on winter games, took place at the Blue Hall of Niavaran Palace Museum on Friday afternoon. The Symposium is a joint project between Iranian and Austrian mountaineers which is taking place to celebrate the 175th year of the first Austrian climbing to the Damavand peak.

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